Protective Wear and Safety Products

When applying chemicals and working with machinery there is always a danger and the employee has to be protected. The Department of Agriculture has strict laws that are in place for this reason.   The employee has to be given the correct safety clothing and equipment to wear when doing specific work.


  • Work Wear:  Conti Suits, Dust Coats, Steel Drill Conti Suits, Black Gumboots Steel and Non-Steel Toe, White Gumboots.
  • Eye Protection:  V-Maxx Goggles Clear Polycarb Ant-Fog, Spectacles Clear A/Scratch Goggles.
  • Hi Visibility Wear:  Reflective Vests and Reflective tape.
  • Rain Wear:   Rubberised Rain-Suit, Reflective Rain-Suit, Hi Visibility Rain Suits.
  • Winter Wear:  Thermo Skin Freezer Jackets, Aero Skin Orange Reflective Jackets, Thermo Skin Lite, Freezer Jackets, Thermoskin Freezer Pants.
  • Respiratory Protection:  Half Mask with Cartridge, Dust Masks, Respirator Dust Masks, Full Face Mask
  • Hand Protection:  Leather Gloves, Rubber Gloves, Orange Latex Gloves, Cotton Knitted Gloves
  • Hearing Protection:  Earplugs, Ear Muffs
  • Head Wear:  Hard Hats, Welding Helmets, Face Shields
  • Foot Wear:  Safety Boots, Safety Shoes, Safety Technical Boots
  • Medical Kit:  Metal Box, Medical Kit Refills. 
  • These are just a few of the Protective Wear and Safety Products we supply.